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Our Services

The most crucial aspect of every business relationship is honesty and integrity, we strive to satisfy and build collaborative relationships with all our stakeholders...



We currently provide shipping and exporting services to Iraq. We have partnered with major shipping companies and are always ready to ship your Goods anytime. We are a wholesale and retail Goods dealer and we sell/buy in large or small, we also offer port clearance and delivery services to your destination in Iraq upon request for extra charges.



We are your number one choice for all your Goods buying and exporting needs. Our dedicated team will make your every encounter with us a great and memorable experience. At THIRD RIVER, we understand the invaluable impact of customer satisfaction and for that matter, we not only serve your needs, we build trustful and sustainable relationships.



We will pick up and transport your Goods from anywhere shipping to Iraq. Our field operations team are always ready to be at your service.

We planned transport and time management from port to port Just email or call us!

Our Business Strategy

Our business model is well strategized to provide a unique experience to our customers and employees. We have in place well planned strategic and tactical goals which sets us apart as a better alternative to our competitors. Through our low-cost leadership, we determined several innovative and efficient competitive measures to help us meet the demands of our clients while reaching higher performance in our bottom-line year-over-year. Our structure and strategy are efficient and competitively advantageous, and project significant growth by greater margins over the next half-decade and beyond. We are a learning organization and we are confident in our 5 year strategic growth and expansion plan..

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We want to be the CHOICE, an exceptional and reliable Goods exporting company from the world to over 75% of our target marketplace in Iraq. We simplify for our customers the complications of the car buying, shipping and receiving processes. As part of our growth and expansion plan, we also aim at being a major transportation company from the ME area to select major cities within the ME by 2022.


We persevere to meet our customers and employees satisfaction by providing extraordinary services and establishing long lasting relationships. Our success means: serving your satisfaction!